the underwater kids team

Brought together by a passion for underwater photography of families and children, Jennifer, Christi and Amy are excited to share their knowledge with hobbyists and professionals alike, and look forward to building a supportive community around this exciting, growing genre of photography.

Jennifer Kapala

Based in Calgary, Jennifer is multiple award winning child and family photographer and the 2014 National Association Child Photographer of the Year (NAPCP) and a NAPCP Ambassador. Always seeking to improve her craft, she maintains an active membership in NAPCP and is a Craftsman Member of the Masters Photographers International. Teaching and sparking a light in others is a passion and she has taught photography courses at  Babyf in Madrid, in Santa Barbara at the National Association of Professional Child Photographers Retreat, and various local camera clubs.  Underwater family and child photography is both a love and a niche and out of wanting to build a community, she founded UnderwaterKids to offer education and resources to the growing field of underwater photographers.

christihead shot.jpg

Christi Curtis

Living in the Tampa Bay area in Florida, Christi found her love for Underwater Photography almost 9 years ago, after her daughter completed Infant Survival Swim lessons and the swim teacher sparked her interest in this new world.  From the first time she “played” around capturing images of her 4 year old, she was obsessed, hooked, taken away by the magic of the always changing water and light under the surface.  She continued practicing and learning and added this unique type session to her business to offer to her clients.  She now has two children whom she takes on underwater adventures to explore the beautiful FL springs .  She continues to find ways to use underwater photography to capture life through the lens, from splash sessions on the beach to underwater sessions in family pools, to photo days with all the sweet babies and kids learning to swim at Kinder Swim Inc where she first fell in love with the idea of capturing Underwater Kids.


Amy vecchio

From small town to big city, Amy resides in Houston, Texas with her husband and son where they share a joy of food, travel and home improvement projects.  Amy made her way into photography a bit by accident. In 2009, what was supposed to just be a hobby, quickly became a full time affair.  A few years later, a yearning for something a little different to offer her family photo clients led Amy into professional underwater kids photography in 2014.  Self taught with now over 40 underwater photo sessions under her belt, she’s excited to share some of the many things she’s learned along the way.