As much as the water naturally screams colour to most people, there are times when I think an image is much improved by using a strong black and white.  It focuses the viewer on only the shapes and light playing underwater and takes away a lot of the distraction that can happen, especially in pools in the summer.

Here is a recent favourite of mine.  It was a very deep pool, but I shot it with my 17-40 mm lens at 17mm on purpose.  It was a crowded public pool, and I knew I wanted to maintain a sense of negative space around my subject, so I purposely chose a wider setting (typically I love my 35 mm).  I saw the light hit my subject a certain way, and I knew that was the moment I had been waiting for.  For processing I removed some pool debris, and the lines at the edge of the pool as I wanted a very clean look.  I think the sense of space all around him and the way the light hits him really adds to the story.  The back and white conversion, emphasizes the light and shadows, and for this edit, I used mainly LR, increasing the blacks, contrast and clarity, and adding a few radial filters to direct the eye.  

What do you think?  Is colour or black and white your go to underwater?  I will be releasing a video soon about how to edit using mainly LR in black and white - would love to hear what you'd like to learn!