Hello everyone! 

I know Jennifer and Barb will agree, we get asked to see a behind the scenes ALOT these days!  So since I'm here in Texas, where the temps are in the mid to high 70's in almost February, I decided to put together a little glimpse into a typical underwater child photography session with me.  Everyone is different, but professional underwater sessions with me include about an hour in the pool, allowing for a few much needed breaks for both myself and my subjects.  I will typically get at least 20 or so final images per shoot. However, if my subject is really comfortable and direct able in the pool and/or there are two or three subjects during a shoot, I can easily achieve double that amount of final edited images.  You might be thinking, wow, 50 keeper shots.  Keep in mind a full gallery for me includes a wide variety of different shots.  Some are more traditional and some are more 'outtakes', but outtakes that are still overall, great shots.  In addtion, lately I will also include a couple of more what some would call 'artsy' shots, focused on just the bubbles or a few where the subject is more of an accent and not the focus. For me, the preparation I go through for these sessions and the work during and the post processing, it is not currently worth it for me to offer smaller sessions.  You must decide what works for you.  What works for me is offering my clients full galleries of a wide array of different shots.  To achieve this, I need the extra time in the pool.  

A big thanks to friend, Susan with http://www.susansorianophotography.com who shot the video using my goPro. She was a trooper considering she'd never shot a video underwater before.

I did the editing myself.  As a newbie in this area, I'm still learning lots about this whole new world of video editing, but having some fun along the way!

Hope you enjoy the video!  Stay tuned. I'll be sharing some of the final images from this session in the near future!  You will for sure want to see!   :-)

Thanks y'all!