As we move into winter, a number of us start to dream of those sun drenched beaches and plan our winter getaways.  We wanted to give you a few tips to stretch your creativity and push yourself while you were away, and what better way to start than by talking about frelensing. Barb Toyama, a true master at the art of freelensing, offers some quick tips for you to try if you are heading to a beach this winter on your next family vacation!  If you are new to freelesning, be sure to first check out Barb's article she wrote for the National Association of Professional Child Photographers  - its one of their most popular articles!!  

Why freelens at a  beach and risk your gear?

Barb Toyama Photos - Art of Freelensing - Underwater Kids.jpg

That's why. Pure magic. Want to get the look? Follow a couple of Barb's tips below and be sure to join her on our Underwater Kids IG today where she will answer  any questions you have! 

1) Experiment with different lenses - I love my 35mm on the beach because the wide angle allows me to include much of the scenery/ocean. The 50mm however yields beautiful water bokeh where the sun hits the water and from splashes.

2) Play with varying degrees of focus - water looks incredibly dreamy freelensed. I prefer to have a slice of focus in my freelensed images, so I usually focus on my daughter, footprints, or wave, but I’ve seen some gorgeous all out of focus beach/ocean scenes as well.

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