A little before/after from my live underwater shoot at the National Association of Professional Child Photographers Retreat in Santa Barbara. The pool was shallow, so the editing is easy and she is close to the surface, so her skin tones are much better. The deeper your subject is, the more the reds are lost and the harder it becomes get the colours back. I edited mostly in Lightroom for this photo. Lots of times I will slightly overexpose underwater to get the skin tones, but I have found when shooting in pools that are lighter, it gets harder to retain the colour and the blues become washed out. I shot with a custom white balance for this session. For this edit, I adjusted the skin tones, and added magenta, pulled the shadows up, adjusted the orange, red, blue and aqua HSL sliders and pulled it into Photoshop. I re-cropped the photo to create more space around her, took out the pool vents and lights, did a quick adjustment to her skin tones with a colour balance, and a few curve adjustments. Back in Lightroom, I added a gradient with a little more colour because I wanted a bit of pink tones in the bottom to match her heart and give a little tonal harmony, and then flipped it upside down because thats how I saw it.

Thats it. It sounds more complicated but its not.

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