I figured when a product like the LED Lume Cube is so incredibly easy to use and understand right out of the box, no words are needed! I will be posting a full review with pictures coming soon. I really was looking for a small, portable light source to add to my underwater and night photography, and these rugged, portable and easy to use Lume Cubes really fit the bill.  I ordered directly from Lume Cube and the shipment arrived within a few days. I have played with one for a bit in the bathtub (see the picture underneath the video), and will be posting a full review for their use in underwater photography when I really get a chance to see what it can do!


I used the Lume Cube in the bath with my youngest son to create the shadow on the wall and that light bouncing of him.  The light was at a very low setting and as you can see, there is a ton of power.  I was able to control the light with an app on my iPhone, and adjust it to my liking much like you would a flash or strobe. I cannot wait to see what the capabilities are at night and underwater!

Looking forward to the full review soon!