the underwater kids team

Brought together by a passion for underwater photography of families and children, Jennifer, Barb and Amy are excited to share their knowledge with hobbyists and professionals alike, and look forward to building a supportive community around this exciting, growing genre of photography.

Jennifer Kapala

A Calgary based child and family photographer creating a life in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies with her many men and tenacious pug, Jennifer has a strong love of literature and often draws her inspiration from the written form. She may have in fact named her last son after William Shakespeare because well, when you have 3 sons, you will be forever outnumbered on everything else. With an affection for good coffee, a passion for all things underwater photography and a not-so-secret ambition to own a horse again, Jennifer loves simple, honest and quiet moments.


Barb Toyama

Living the simple island life in Maui, Hawaii with her little family (and hopefully soon a coop of chickens), Barb works as a documentary lifestyle family photographer and dabbles in underwater fine art and many personal and volunteer projects. She enjoys raising her daughter, surfing and playing in the ocean, and pretty much anything else that takes her out into the sunshine. She is a free spirit, lover of life, carefree and happy, characteristics that often manifest in her photography. Current dream: growing their family and instilling their love for the ocean and the 'aina in their children.


Amy vecchio

From small town to big city, Amy resides in Houston, Texas with her husband and son where they share a joy of food, travel and home improvement projects.  Amy made her way into photography a bit by accident. In 2009, what was supposed to just be a hobby, quickly became a full time affair.  A few years later, a yearning for something a little different to offer her family photo clients led Amy into professional underwater kids photography in 2014.  Self taught with now over 40 underwater photo sessions under her belt, she’s excited to share some of the many things she’s learned along the way.